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Our licensed

LASH & Brow Couture stylist  are fully licensed and certified, and receive ongoing training to stay on top of the newest products and techniques in the lash industry.  

Every lash appointment begins with a client consultation with one of our licensed LASH and Brow Couture stylist. We ask that you arrive approximately 15 minutes prior to your appointment to complete some initial paper work to help your LASH & Brow Couture stylist to customize your best style.  Together you will determine lash lengths, curls and diameters as well as any lash accents of various colors to  create your personalized eyelash extensions look. We also perform a quick skin test to ensure you are not allergic to materials used. 

No shared rooms here, we provide a private suite so you can relax and unwind.  Next, you get comfortable on our treatment tables and the stylist begins their magic.

Every lash appointment ends with a review of lash aftercare to ensure that your lashes stay strong and healthy!  We offer a variety of aftercare products and cosmetics specifically designed to be used with eyelash extensions - lash washes, makeup wipes, lash conditioners and eyelash extension safe makeup.

 Can I choose how my Extensions are going to look?

Yes! Every set of lashes is customized to your personal preference. Since your eyelashes are unique to you, your Lash Couture artist will evaluate your natural lashes and recommend the best way to reach your desired look.


What is the quality of  the lash extensions. 

We use only the best quality products. Lashes come in different lengths, diameters and even textures. Our Lash Couture artist will evaluate your lashes to ensure the best possible results.


How long do Eyelash Extensions last?

 Depending on client aftercare and personal rate of lash turnover, Full Sets of lashes last from 3-6 weeks and Light Sets from 2-3 weeks. They fall off when your natural lashes sheds, at the end of its life cycle or when the adhesive wears off.


Can Eyelash Extensions ruin my natural lashes?

Lash extensions that are applied correctly for the length and strength of your natural lashes will not damage your lashes. Proper home care will also protect your natural lashes. Our Lash  Couture artist ensure that your natural lashes are not stuck to each other, which can cause irritation and infection.



When do I get a fill?

Typically lash refills are done when 50% of the extensions remain. Most of our clients have a 1 hour touch up every 2-3 weeks on a full set.  If less than 50% remain a new set will be required. 



Will you fill my lashes from another salon?

To ensure the highest care and quality of client lashes, fills are only available to current clients. The products and techniques used by other lash artists may vary significantly from those used in our salon.



 How do I care for my lashes? 

We provide aftercare instructions after each appointment. Additionally you may purchase specially designed aftercare care products at our front desk. Lashes should be cleaned at least once a day with an oil free cleanser and a tissue or soft makeup brush. We offer several different types of cleansers and makeup removers formulated specifically for eyelash extensions.



What if I'm allergic to the adhesive?

If you have ever experienced a reaction to adhesives please notify us at the beginning of your consultation. For all new clients we provide skin testing to ensure no allergies are present. We also have a variety of adhesive types to choose from.

Allergic reactions are uncommon and extreme reactions are very rare.

Can I get lash extensions if I am pregnant?

We care for your and your baby's safety. We currently advise against extensions during pregnancy due to the odors associated with the adhesives. We can provide our services only if you are cleared by your Ob Gyn, a simple written statement is all that is needed.

Can I get extensions if I am a minor?

Absolutely, however you must bring a parent to your appointment to authorize consent for services or your appointment will be cancelled and charged. No exceptions.

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