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Do facials help dry skin?

Do you have dry, rough, flaky or tight skin? Facials for dry skin are one of the most common options in the spa and for good reason. Celebrities achieve their best skin possible with the help of a trusted esthetician – and so can the rest of us. Keep reading to learn how to treat dry skin at-home and in the treatment room.

Facials for dry skin

While at-home skin care routines are important, spa facials for dry skin can deliver immediate, visible results. Facials help dry skin from start to finish by exercising the skin and stimulating its self-cleansing, self-healing and self-regenerating mechanisms. Dry skin tends to be more sluggish and need a gentle “push” to get it functioning properly.

An experienced Bioelements esthetician will ask you a multitude of in-depth questions – regardless if you’ve ever received a facial or not. From your answers, she’ll customize your ideal facial for dry skin.

Each step in the Bioelements Custom Blend facial can be tailored for dry skin:

1) Cleansing and exfoliation step

Your esthetician will remove your makeup and then begin the cleansing and exfoliation step. Both are combined under warm, enveloping steam to immediately begin dead skin removal and soften resistive skin and follicles to remove dirt, toxins and cellular debris.

She will choose a creamy, hydrating cleanser and gentle enzyme exfoliator to renew dry skin. This step also preps the skin to better absorb active ingredients and moisture later on in your facial.

2) Custom Blend Massage step

Your esthetician will then choose a creme massage product that will absorb into your dehydrated and dry skin. This product can be combined with Custom Blend aromatherapist oils, like Bulgarian Rose Otto, that will help stimulate circulation and soften the signs of aging that are common in dry skin.

This customized creme will be massaged into your skin with specialized techniques that provide an experiences not just for your skin, but for your senses, and help alleviate dry, flaky, rough skin.

3) Power Treatment step

This is the part of the facial where your esthetician can really zero in on your needs and biggest skin concerns that day. For dry skin, your esthetician can create a customized, clinical hydrating serum, or she can apply a ready-to-go intensive professional formula to soothe dry skin based on your individual needs. This step can target dehydration, aging skin, lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, flakiness, dull skin, rough skin texture and more.

4) Power Mask step

The Bioelements Power Mask is an ‘occlusive seal’, meaning it will drive the active ingredients from your Power Treatment deep into your skin. For dry and dehydrated skin, your esthetician will most likely choose Ultra-Rich CremeTherapy to deliver a swift surge of ultra-rich moisture that will transform dry, aging skin.

You can expect to emerge from the treatment with skin that is clean, fresh, soft, hydrated, smooth, glowing, healthier and younger-looking. You will leave the spa with a professional Customized At-Home Agenda so you can maintain and extend the post-facial results you see with Bioelements products also created and customized for a dry skin type.

Pro tip: For the same reason people with naturally oily skin dislike the summer, winter and cold weather are often dreaded by those with dry skin. Schedule a facial in between fall and winter to help ease your skin into the colder weather.