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How to make life easier: 7 insanely easy skin hacks

Think you don’t have the time or patience for a complete, effective skin care routine? Think again – our skin “hacks” make it easy to get great skin. Plus, they actually make the rest of your daily routine easier, too. Read on for 7 easy skin hacks from the skin care pros:

#1: Create a double-duty exfoliating cleanser

No time to fit in your regular mask? Get a small dose of your favorite supercharged ingredients by mixing it in with your cleanser!

You can create an effective exfoliating cleanser at home just like professional estheticians use in their treatment rooms. This skin hack delivers deep skin cleansing plus smoothing and brightening exfoliation in one, and speeds up your skin care routine without sacrificing any benefits.

Simply combine your cleanser with an exfoliating scrub or mask (like Measured Micrograins or Kerafole) in your hands and apply using small circular motions. Rinse with warm water.

“My favorite way to do this skin hack is with Kerafole and Moisture Positive Cleanser – it creates a wonderfully stimulating, creamy cleanser.” – Teresa Stenzel, Bioelements Director of Education

#2: Mask your mouth

Your favorite face mask can also double as a lip treatment! Massage over your lips for a few seconds and then rinse off.

Collagen Rehab is our favorite mask to use on the lips because it is formulated with an ingenious fusion of collagen-supporting amino acids, softening mango and moisture builders that help rehabilitate aging, lined and exhausted skin – on both your lips and the rest of your face. This is the one Bioelements mask you don’t have to rinse off, simply apply and let it soak in.

You can also use Kerafole, Restorative Clay, or Measured Micrograins + to exfoliate any dead skin cells away and reveal smoother lips. Need extra hydration for dry lips? Apply Ultra-Rich CremeTherapy on your lips and let it sit for a minute or two. Then rinse off with warm water.

“Personally, my favorite skin care trick is to use Kerafole on the lips to exfoliate away dead skin and then follow it with Collagen Rehab as an intensive, overnight treatment. It leave my lips smooth, moisturized and plumped – I swear it lasts for days too!” – Alina Houtz, Licensed Esthetician, Jordan Thomas Salon & Spa

#3: “Depuff” under your eyes

Struggle with puffiness under your eyes? There’s no need to buy pricey marble rollers or other useless tools to reduce puffiness under your eyes. Instead, apply a couple swipes of Radiance Rescue under your eyes! This white truffle, caffeine and murumuru butter creme mask helps increase skin’s elasticity and moisturization as it reduces the look of lines and puffiness under the eyes.

Glowing skin hack: apply Radiance Rescue to your whole face, not just your under eyes, and leave it on for 10 minutes (or longer!) to emerge glowing, less lined and with an intensively enviable luminescence.

Bonus tip: place your eye cremes and gels in the refrigerator until you are ready to apply. The cool temperature will help reduce puffiness as potent ingredients deliver real results: less puffy, brighter, smoother skin under the eyes.

#4: Take a superior shower

Want the smoothest, softest skin neck-to-toes? Upgrade your shower with one of our fan-fave skin tools:

PRE-SHOWER SHED: Brush away dry, dull skin cells and renew texture with the Bioelements Dry Brush. This is the essential tool for smoother skin and energizes you and your skin in just minutes a day for a healthier-looking glow!

IN-SHOWER SWIPE: 100% natural cactus fibers in our cult-fave Cactus Cloth will polish your skin to perfection. Its unique cloth pattern ensures dead skin is sloughed off, revealing smoother, healthier skin from neck-to-toes.

“Cactus Cloth is my go to – especially for getting a close shave in the summer. I use it about three times a week in the shower to help alleviate ingrown hairs. It makes skin SO soft!” – Alina Houtz, Licensed Esthetician, Jordan Thomas Salon & Spa

#5: Hit ‘refresh’ on your skin

Want to instantly refresh skin? Perform the Kerafole Purge. Simply apply Bioelements tingly 10-minute face mask, Kerafole, for 7 days in a row for a total purge of impurities. This intensive treatment helps stimulate circulation in the skin to move toxins up and out to reveal skin that is fresh and clear.

“I did the 7 day purge and now use this product about 1-2x per week. It is like I hit the reset button on my skin and leaves my face feeling so soft! Amazing.” –Jennifer S., 5 Star Review

Another way to refresh your skin is to apply a toner. Modern toner formulas (unlike the drying, alcohol-based version of the past) are an essential step to return your skin back to a comfortable pH and replace essential nutrients that tap water can strip away during cleansing. Always tone after cleansing, and take it with you to mist your skin throughout the day to replenish lost hydration, add a dewy glow and refresh your complexion.