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Concealer that doesn’t crease: The one trick you need to know

Looking high and low for a concealer that doesn’t crease? We’ll let you in on a little secret: the trick to getting a concealer that doesn’t crease is to use the right skin care! Read on to learn our under eye skin care secrets.


The absolute best way to get a concealer that doesn’t crease is to prevent under eye wrinkles and crows feet. 90% of age signs are caused by the sun*, so make sure to always wear a broad spectrum sunscreen, even in the winter. Smoking, a poor diet, and improper skin care habits can all contribute to fine lines and wrinkles as well.


If you’re already struggling with fine lines, exfoliation is crucial. A buildup of dead skin cells can get trapped under the skin’s surface, which makes your lines and wrinkles appear deeper and your concealer creased. It also blocks the absorption of key skin care ingredients, so make sure to exfoliate away those dead and dulling cells!

Since the under eye skin is so delicate, you have to exfoliate gently. Try Quick Refiner for Eyes; it’s specifically formulated to gently sweep away dead cells to reveal smoother skin.


One of the most common skin care issues is dehydration. Aging, lined skin is often starved for moisture. It’s important to moisturize from head to toe, but your under eye area is particularly prone to dehydration.

To get a concealer that doesn’t crease, you need to properly hydrate. The surface can become tight and flaky, which will emphasize the appearance of crows feet and lead to creased, uneven concealer. Try Multi-Task Eye Creme to moisturize your under eye area. It’s a targeted treatment packed with ingredients to brighten the skin and ease lines. Multi-Task Eye Creme is your concealer’s new best friend!

If your skin is more sensitive, try Calmitude Delicate Skin Eye Gel. The non-greasy, gentle formula helps hydrate and protect sensitive skin from environmental irritants.


While you sleep your body works hard to repair your skin from the damage it sustained from environmental aggressors throughout the day. It’s imperative to take advantage of this time to repair and restore the delicate skin under your eyes.

Use Sleepwear for Eyes to improve the appearance of wrinkle length and depth, target crows feet, smooth surface lines, and firm the skin. After using Sleepwear for Eyes every night, you might not even need concealer!

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