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Blemish Extractors: Unnecessary skin care and beauty products

Blemish Extractors: How to use a blackhead extractor

The answer to how to use a blemish extractor is simple: Don’t use one.

“While it may be tempting, please leave extractions to the experts!” – Laura Kania, Licensed Esthetician, Snips SpaSalon

Blemish extractors (sometimes called ‘blackhead extractors’, ‘whitehead extractors’ or ‘metal extractors’) are tools with metal loops that squeeze the skin to extract impactions. Some versions even include a pointed lance to pierce and break the skin.

We cannot stress enough how harmful these can be to your face and skin. Trying to “pop” zits or breakouts on your own is a bad idea, and using a metal blackhead extractor only makes it worse.

“Just because you can buy an extractor tool on Amazon does not make it a safe or helpful choice. Save your money and your skin. Don’t try this at home!” –Kania

Stick to using the best skin care products for acne – extractions should only be performed by a licensed esthetician. Here’s why:

No pore is safe

Let’s put it this way, most skin care pros don’t even use metal extractors. Why? Because they are dangerous.

They dent in the skin and have no “give,” meaning they can push dirt and debris further into the pore, causing infections and even more breakouts. The very last thing you should do to your skin is stick a lance in it.

If a pore is closed, it is closed for a reason! Poking holes in your skin will only cause it to scar or become infected.

“At-home extractions, especially when done with extractor tools, may harm the skin and worsen acne. And while you may not like the look or feel of a clogged pore, it is preferable to injury. In extreme cases, wounds caused by at-home extractions can lead to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) and scarring.” –Kania

Some extractors come with instructions like: “for easier removal, first steam your face.” We’ll be clear with you about this – there is absolutely no way you can steam your skin at home that will prepare your pores for extraction. Your shower will not come close. Hovering over a pot of boiling water won’t, either.

Only through a professional facial will your skin be prepped and steamed correctly for extractions – by the hands of a trained, licensed esthetician. No metal extractors required.

“When your esthetician performs extractions during a Bioelements facial, your skin has been adequately prepped in multiple ways to soften debris trapped within your pores.

Skin that has not been adequately prepped for extractions may be resistant, requiring more pressure and manipulation. If used too aggressively, the pressure of the extractor tool can inflame and even bruise the skin.

Additionally, your esthetician is well-practiced in gentle and efficient movements to maximize results while minimizing potential harm.” –Kania

For even more reasons on why you should leave your extractions to the professionals, read this helpful guide.

How to get rid of blackheads and breakouts

If you suffer from chronic acne, then you need to cleanse and tone twice daily with Spotless Cleanser and Acne Toner and moisturize with Beyond Hydration or Oxygenation.

Do you have an at-home pimple emergency, but no time to see a professional?

If you’re acne-prone, take 15 minutes to put your breakout in its place with an Amino Mask. Applied all over or just on select pimples, this sulfur-packed mask will remove excess oils, gently exfoliate, and penetrate your pores to reduce acne pimples.

If you only have the occasional pimple, a treatment targeted at acne might not be right for you. Instead, reach for a benzoyl peroxide serum to spot treat troublesome areas.

Still struggling with congestion and blackheads below your skin? Skin Editor and Kerafole can help purge all impurities out of your skin.