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The 7 Skin Sins: Dairy

5 in our series on skin sins – lifestyle habits that can wreak short- and long-term havoc on your skin. We've already tackled four so far – dehydration, sugar, lack of sleep, and smoking – and talked about skincare and lifestyle changes you can make to conquer them. This week's sin is one that might surprise you: dairy. Read on to learn more about what your favorite breakfast beverage and number one cookie companion may do to your skin.

From milk to yogurt, and even cheese, dairy can have some surprisingly serious consequences for your skin. It all stems from inflammation. Unlike the red, itchy, and sometimes painful irritation that's a sign of acute inflammation from a cut or bruise, dairy can cause invisible inflammation in your organs – your skin included! Not only does your body waste energy trying to calm the irritation, leaving it more exposed to skin-aging free radicals, but it can also disrupt your skin's collagen renewal process – that means loss of elasticity and wrinkles over time. If aging, sagging skin isn't enough, long-term research has also shown a link between dairy and acne*. Luckily, there are skin-saving solutions! Here are 3 skin care must-haves for fighting back against inflammation.

1. Super Serum– Boost a weakened defense system and slowed collagen production with a serum that targets external stressors to fight lines and wrinkles. An anti-aging skin serum with active probiotics can help balance the skin's natural microflora, keeping it strong and younger-looking.

2. Broad Spectrum Sunscreen– It goes without saying that, dairy or no dairy, SPF should be the last step in your skin care routine every day – rain or shine. Don't miss frequently forgotten spots like the back of your hands, neck, and V-area!

3. Spot Treatment– For skin suffering from a dairy-fueled breakout, or any breakout at all, keep a benzoyl peroxide lotion on hand to treat individual blemishes and prevent new spots from forming. Wear it alone, or under your makeup, to invisibly fight breakouts around the clock.

Is your skin distressed from dairy? check back next week for another crime you might be committing against your skin

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