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The 7 Skin Sins: Alcohol

We're on sin six – blog posts that discuss lifestyle habits that can wreak short- and long-term havoc on your skin. In case you've missed them, We've discussed a few no-no's already, like dehydration, lack of sleep, smoking, and dairy. Up next is a skin sin you probably know about, but might not realize just how much trouble it can cause: alcohol. To find out more about what your favorite cocktail could be doing to your skin, read on!

Alcohol is a diuretic – it not only encourages fluids to move through your body faster, but also prevents your body from absorbing water, robbing you of moisture, electrolytes, and minerals. The results: dull, dehydrated, easily irritated skin. Consuming alcohol can also cause your blood vessels to dilate and, over the course of long-term consumption, can become permanent, leaving you with red, spidery veins. To top it all off, most cocktails are sugar-laden – a sin with its own set of skin-aging consequences. But don't pitch your cocktail shaker just yet! With a combination of moderation and great skin care, there are three steps you can take to avoiding a post-party skin catastrophe.

1. Let your skin breath.

Prepare your skin to combat dehydration with a mix of moisture-binders. An oxygen-infused moisturizer will breath new life into dull, sluggish, sleepy skin.

2. Saturate while you sip.

Stay hydrated (and help avoid overdoing it) throughout the night by drinking more water than alcohol. Alternate sips of H2O along with any alcoholic drink to rehydrate from the inside out. You can also take a travel size hydrating toner in your clutch to spritz on skin periodically – a tip that will not only save your skin from dehydration, but also keep your makeup lasting all night long!

3. Go to rehydration rehab.

Follow up a night of indulgence with a skin routine to repair and rehydrate. Start with a skin soaking antioxidant concentrate to plump and refresh skin.. Then spritz on a calming, hydrating skin toner to safeguard against moisture loss and soothe any irritation dehydration might have caused. Add a layer of a vitamin and green tea extract-packed skin serum to lock in moisture and boost skin's resistance to further irritation, and finally brighten up a complexion dulled from drinking with an overall skin brightening creme.

What's your biggest skin sin? Don't forget to check back for the reveal of the final one.

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