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6 ways to quickly and easily remove wrinkles under eyes

Wrinkles under eyes, dark circles, loss of firmness – it can be tempting to go to great lengths to avoid under eye aging, but not all wrinkle relief needs to come from extreme measures. Sometimes, all it takes is a quick fix – like tweaking your daily skin agenda and adding a few new healthy habits. Keep reading for quick and easy ways to remove wrinkles under eyes and dark eye circles.

1) Moisturize daily

What causes dark circles? Late nights and daily squinting at computers, cell phones, TVs, and more can cause dark under eye circles and wrinkles under eyes – both are characteristic of the daily grind. You need a multi-pronged approach to tackle them all.

Apply Multi-Task Eye Creme every morning for a moisture boost that eases the appearance of fine lines and brightens dark circles. The added moisture will also leave your eye area perfectly primed for a color correcting concealer that applies smoothly and evenly for complete dark circle relief! If you have sensitive skin or experience seasonal sensitivities from changing weather or allergies, Sensitive Eye Smoother will hydrate while tackling puffiness and under eye circles.

Pro tip: "Multi-Task Eye Creme and Sensitive Eye Smoother can both be stored in the fridge for a cooling sensation that also helps tackle puffiness." –Teresa Stenzel, Bioelements Director of Education

2) Exfoliate

Even the delicate skin under your eyes needs exfoliation. If you don't exfoliate away dead and dulling cells they can emphasize the appearance of fine lines and even make them worse. Exfoliating removes the excess top cells, instantly giving the skin a smoother and brighter appearance, and allows for your other products to penetrate the skin even deeper, giving you better results long-term.

Because your under eye skin is so thin, you need to be careful when choosing an exfoliator. Always opt for a formula designed to gently exfoliate near your eye area, like Quick Refiner for Eyes.

3) Protect during the day

One of the biggest causes of wrinkles under eyes is the sun. Preventing them can be as easy as slipping on a large pair of sunglasses before you step outside. Not only can repetitive motions like squinting in the sunlight lead to fine lines and wrinkles, but day-in, day-out incidental UV exposure to the area only makes things worse.

Protect and prevent with a pair of large sunglasses that not only keep you from squinting, but shield the delicate skin around the eye from the sun's skin damaging rays. Just make sure to choose sunglasses that have UV protecting lenses.

Never neglect the rest of your face and always apply a broad spectrum SPF every day.

4) Target problem areas at night

Everyone knows what a face mask is, but have you ever used an under eye mask? Radiance Rescue is a white truffle, caffeine and murumuru butter creme face and eye mask that helps reduce the look of lines and puffiness around the eyes. The caffeine in the formula wakes up your skin's microcirculation to restore youthful resilience. Plus, murumuru and shea butters deliver fatty acid-rich moisture to keep skin soft and elastic while strengthening skin's barrier. Emerge glowing, less lined, with an intensively enviable luminescence

Make your skin care pull an all-nighter so you don't have to. Apply an eye cream for dark circles and more, like Sleepwear for Eyes, right before bed. This overnight age activist will target crows feet, smooth surface lines, and increase the feeling of firmness. Maximize your results by using a gentle eye area exfoliant beforehand.

5) Apply Like a Pro

The professionals' secret? How you apply your products can make all the difference. Always apply eye products using your ring finger – it's the weakest and will put less stress on the skin surrounding the eye. Start patting the product on at the outer corner of your eye and work your way toward the inner corner. This pro application technique won't take any extra time, but it can take years off your eyes!

6) Remove makeup gently

Dermatologists and estheticians agree that you should never sleep in your makeup because it can cause irritation, wrinkles, acne and more. While removing your makeup is critical to having good skin, makeup wipes are a big no-no.