Personalized skin care: A facial personalized ONLY for you

Your skin is completely unique to you… so why isn’t your skin care? Say hello to personalized skin care – both at home and in the treatment room.

This is Getting Personal

We don't believe in off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all facials. A Bioelements facial is personalized only for you: your environment, your lifestyle, your age, your stress level. It's skin care made for you – not your friend, not your neighbor – no one else.

Professional Personalization: From Start to Finish

Your Bioelements esthetician expertly personalizes your treatment from the very beginning of your facial – from the moment you walk in the door, in fact, with our signature SkinReading.


The Bioelements SkinReading begins with an initial consultation before your scheduled service begins. From the moment you walk in, your esthetician is observing your skin. They get a first impression right away – a visual snapshot we refer to as the First Look.

When you arrive, your Bioelements esthetician has you fill out a SkinReading form detailing important lifestyle factors, medications, conditions, skin concerns, etc and then you will discuss the form in a professional consultation. This is where you have an opportunity to voice your concerns and questions with your esthetician.

After your form is discussed they remove any makeup and debris that may be on your skin in the Pre-Cleanse step so they can further analyze your skin and make judgment calls for how they will proceed with your treatment.

Through these steps of the SkinReading, your esthetician will identify your main concerns, like aging skin, dehydration, breakouts, excess oil, scarring, etc.

Your treatment

Then, they will choose particular formulas based on your skin and information for the cleanse, exfoliation, skin sedation, and extraction steps of the facial.

This will also inform their decision when they get to the Power Treatment step of your facial – where they can choose to Custom Blend a serum to further tailor it for your needs. Same with the Power Mask that is applied over the Power Treatment.

Custom Blending

Your esthetician can choose any combination of three different professional-use-only Custom Blend formulas to alter and enhance your Power Treatment and Power Mask to better target:

  • Dehydration

  • Flakiness

  • Rough texture

  • Dull skin

  • Aging skin

  • Lines and wrinkles

  • Loss of firmness

  • Smoker’s skin

  • Tanned skin

  • Environmentally stressed skin

  • Pigmented spots

  • Post-acne dark spots

  • Sensitivity

  • Redness

  • Visible capillaries

Depending on the combination of Custom Blends they use. Lastly, they can Custom Blend your take home formulas after the facial to further address your individual, specific skin needs.

“What’s the difference between a Bioelements facial and others? Authenticity. A Bioelements facial isn’t your fluff and buff generic facial. The Custom Blend Facials are personalized for your skin type to drastically improve your skin’s health.

As an esthetician, I am able to customize the entire facial to whatever my clients’ skin needs. Every product I use in their treatment I’d recommend for their at home use so they can smell it, feel it and know exactly how and why these products work for their skin type.

No other professional skincare companies are offering Custom Blending like this!! My clients love that what I’m blending in the treatment room can also be mixed into their products to be taken home.” –Sunni Reynolds, Licensed esthetician, Snips SpaSalon:

Not only are the actual treatment and take home products Custom Blended, but they can Custom Blend the Aromatherapy in the beginning of your facial and during your massage to ensure you love the scent.

Want to learn more about the different steps of a Bioelements facial? Read about each step in detail in our Facial Encyclopedia blog.

Made for You vs. Made for the Masses

With a few drops of our exclusive, professional Custom Blend formulas, a Bioelements pro can personalize the most crucial steps of your facial to target exactly what your skin needs right now: maybe it's redness, dehydration, pesky breakouts, or the appearance of new lines. Your facial and the products you take home are designed for YOU.

“Both the results and the experience are different from any other brand. I LOVE Custom Blending. It better targets clients’ skin concerns, not only during the spa treatment, but with their at home regimen too which leads to REAL results.

Bioelements is a wonderful professional skin care line across the board and the one and only Custom Blending system personalizes already amazing products specifically for that individual. In simple terms, you get better results for YOUR skin.

The experience of a Custom Blend Facial in the treatment room is a true art as well. It allows estheticians to create an experience that no other line can offer. I can Custom Blend a facial and/or take home products in over 100 different ways to better treat individual, personal skin care concerns or challenges.” – Nina Holt, Esthetician, Westwood Studio and Spa

Experience the Results of True Personalization

Now is the perfect time to get the skin you've always wanted – clear, bright, and healthy. Book a Bioelements facial near you and experience skin care so personalized, it may as well have you name on it.

“With Bioelements, I can tailor the products and experience to my clients' skin care needs and concerns. Skin isn't one size fits all, so facials and skin care shouldn’t be either. Other lines don’t cater to the needs of the individual, but with Bioelements Custom Blending my clients leave feeling beautiful and truly pampered.” – Kimberly Horton, Licensed esthetician,Wisteria Spa and Makeup

“Custom Blending allows me to personalize my service for every client. I don't think I ever really do exactly the same treatment ever. There are no cookie cutter facials in my suite. My clients leave refreshed and revitalized. Plus, I can custom blend their take home products with the same things I used in the facials. This makes results last longer and further targets their skin concerns.” –Marguerite Holland, Licensed Esthetician


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