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Personalized skin care: A facial personalized ONLY for you

Your skin is completely unique to you… so why isn’t your skin care? Say hello to personalized skin care – both at home and in the treatment room.

This is Getting Personal

We don't believe in off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all facials. A Bioelements facial is personalized only for you: your environment, your lifestyle, your age, your stress level. It's skin care made for you – not your friend, not your neighbor – no one else.

Professional Personalization: From Start to Finish

Your Bioelements esthetician expertly personalizes your treatment from the very beginning of your facial – from the moment you walk in the door, in fact, with our signature SkinReading.


The Bioelements SkinReading begins with an initial consultation before your scheduled service begins. From the moment you walk in, your esthetician is observing your skin. They get a first impression right away – a visual snapshot we refer to as the First Look.

When you arrive, your Bioelements esthetician has you fill out a SkinReading form detailing important lifestyle factors, medications, conditions, skin concerns, etc and then you will discuss the form in a professional consultation. This is where you have an opportunity to voice your concerns and questions with your esthetician.

After your form is discussed they remove any makeup and debris that may be on your skin in the Pre-Cleanse step so they can further analyze your skin and make judgment calls for how they will proceed with your treatment.

Through these steps of the SkinReading, your esthetician will identify your main concerns, like aging skin, dehydration, breakouts, excess oil, scarring, etc.

Your treatment

Then, they will choose particular formulas based on your skin and information for the cleanse, exfoliation, skin sedation, and extraction steps of the facial.

This will also inform their decision when they get to the Power Treatment step of your facial – where they can choose to Custom Blend a serum to further tailor it for your needs. Same with the Power Mask that is applied over the Power Treatment.

Custom Blending

Your esthetician can choose any combination of three different professional-use-only Custom Blend formulas to alter and enhance your Power Treatment and Power Mask to better target:

  • Dehydration

  • Flakiness

  • Rough texture

  • Dull skin

  • Aging skin

  • Lines and wrinkles

  • Loss of firmness

  • Smoker’s skin

  • Tanned skin

  • Environmentally stressed skin

  • Pigmented spots

  • Post-acne dark spots

  • Sensitivity

  • Redness