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The latest breakthrough in collagen skin care

Have you ever struggled with skin that is dull, rough, sagging or wrinkled? Most people have. Much of this can be attributed to the breakdown of collagen. Keep reading to see how collagen skin care can keep your complexion plump, firm and smooth.

Does skin look older than your actual age?

In today's world, many people struggle with complexions that look and behave older than their actual age. Modern lifestyles and damaging environmental assault have an impact on the way your skin looks. Just look at the different damaging factors that contribute to a skin taking on age before its time:

  • Pollution

  • Poor diet

  • Lack of sleep

  • Incorrect product usage

  • Over-aggressive at-home exfoliation

  • Over-aggressive professional peels

  • Stress

  • UV rays

There's a direct connection between stress, pollution, poor diet, UV rays, etc. that increase premature age signs, but can collagen skin care reverse the damage?

The collagen crisis

Is your skin experiencing a collagen crisis? Collagen is the skin's main protein, and it helps keep it plump, firm and smooth. However, the intrinsic and extrinsic actions factors listed above weaken and damage

collagen, so skin appears lined, sagged, rough, dull, and lacks the ability to retain water. This is why collagen skin care is an essential part of any modern skin care routine.

Feed the skin with amino acids – produce more collagen

Does topical collagen work? A high quality collagen mask, like Collagen Rehab, will absolutely help revitalize and restore skin.

"To help the skin renew itself you need to feed your skin with the right collagen skin care ingredients that stimulate collagen regeneration. Amino Acids, such as those found inBioelements Collagen Rehab mask, are stimulating building blocks of protein that are essential to the skin's renewal process. Like I've always said, you want to help your skin help itself. This mask will feed the skin with what it needs to change itself from the inside out." –Teresa Stenzel, Bioelements Director of Education

Essentially, collagen is fueled by amino acids, and needs a regular dose to strengthen, repair itself and prevent age signs. Collagen Rehab is formulated with 5 plant collagen amino acids (rice extract, carrot, soy bean, quinoa, and red ginseng) to deliver a complex of proline, glutamic acid, oxyproline and glycine amino acids that feed skin's collagen.