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Enlarged pores aren’t potholes – quit trying to fill them!

Move over blackhead extractors – there’s a new fad sweeping countertops, and it’s here to clog your pores! More women are adding “pore fillers” to their daily skin care agenda, hoping to blur or erase enlarged pores from their complexion completely. However, much like BB creams, you can file these under “unnecessary skin care”. While you might envision pores as tiny potholes that a small “fill” can fix, you’ll only be creating a bigger problem – a more enlarged pore!

What causes large pores?

The size of your pores depends mostly on genetics and how you care for your skin. Some people owe their big pores to genetics – they inherited an oily skin type, which can cause enlarged pores.

People with a higher tendency towards oily skin are much more likely to have larger pores. This is because the pores on your face stretch to accommodate the secretion of the oil onto the skin’s surface. It’s like filling a balloon with water. As the balloon becomes full, it stretches. That’s exactly what happens to the hair follicle and follicular opening, leading to stretched out pores.

Others have acquired big pores as a result of prolonged congestion. Dealing with congested skin, AKA skin with clogged pores and huge blackheads, for a prolonged amount of time will stretch pores.

Are pore fillers bad for your skin?

They can be! When you use certain pore fillers you run the risk of creating even larger pores. This is because the pores on your face stretch to accommodate the product filling them. Plus, fillers only add more dirt, debris and oil to your skin, making your enlarged pore problem worse. Instead of trying to mask the problem, minimize the appearance of your pores with the right skin care routine.

How to prevent large pores

Once a buildup of dirt, oil, and dead skin has stretched a pore, there’s no way to shrink it back to its original size. That’s why it’s crucial to prevent large pores in the first place.

While the reason behind having larger pores can vary from person to person, it’s physiologically impossible to close (or open) your pores – there aren’t muscles to make them expand or contract. Aside from preventing them in the first place, all you can do is minimize their appearance, and filling pores with a product that promises to blur, erase, or make them disappear altogether is the exact opposite of what should be done to help make them look smaller! Pore fillers only stretch your pores and make them larger – the opposite of what you want.

How to minimize pores on face

The best way to minimize pore appearance is to ensure they are clear of product and dirt. Here’s your 4-step at-home agenda for tiny-looking pores:

1) Cleanse

This is the number one way to prevent your enlarged pores from stretching further. Give clogged pores a deep clean with a cleanser that’s appropriate for your skin type. Flash Foam Cleanser works for most skin types to give skin gentle daily exfoliation while cleansing to minimize the appearance of pores. Doing so will ensure your skin is clear of any debris that can cause extremely clogged pores, and emphasize their appearance.

2) Exfoliate

Your skin naturally sheds dead skin cells, completely regenerating once every 30 days. As you age, this process slows, and can lead to clogged pores – an issue that will not only make pores appear larger, but also stretch them so they actually are larger! Rev up your skin’s natural exfoliation process and uncover a more radiant complexion with a leave-on exfoliator like Quick Refiner or manual microdermabrasion like Pumice Peel. Both will keep pores clear.

3) Treat

For stubborn pores, don’t rely on skin-damaging pore strips to remove impurities. Instead, reach for a clay-based facial mask with balancing plant extracts that acts as a vacuum to draw out pore-clogging debris and replenish hydration. For a deep pore purge, apply a stimulating, exfoliating mask 7 days in a row to eliminate impurities.