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Hot weather skin care: How to survive the summer

Summer poses some unique challenges when it comes to skin care. Between sweat, humidity, heat, UV rays, and swimming pool chlorine, summer can wreak havoc on your skin. Keep reading to see the hot weather skin care you need to keep your skin fresh, comfortable and looking its best.

Summer skin care essentials

"My clients always ask me how to keep their skin looking good in the summer time. My answer is always a good skin routine, water, rest, and SUNSCREEN – even if it's not sunny outside!" –Tina Martinez, Licensed Esthetician,Flawless by Tina

1) SPF

Your summer skin care routine absolutely must include a broad spectrum sunscreen. You need it year round to prevent premature aging and skin cancer, but it's especially important when it's warm outside. Not only are you exposed to more sun in the summer, but you also tend to sweat your SPF off, so make sure to reapply this hot weather skin care must-have every 2 hours.

"Protection from overexposure to the sun is critical for proper skin health. Sunburn increases skin aging, irritation, dehydration, hyperpigmentation and skin cancer risk.

It matters what you put on your face, and not all sunscreens are created equal. The drugstore sunscreen that doesn't irritate your legs may irritate the more delicate skin on your face, or have an unpleasant texture and finish.

I recommend Bioelements FaceScreen SPF 50. It hits all the marks with its broad spectrum SPF 50 coverage, moisturizing properties, and antioxidant-rich botanical ingredients. Simplify your skin care regimen by making it your daytime moisturizer during the summer months."– Laura Kania, Licensed Esthetician, Snips SpaSalon

If you're a runner, opt for RayDefense SPF 30 for your body, which provides protection for an active outdoor lifestyle and prolonged sun exposure.

2) Light, oil-free moisturizer

Even as oil production tends to increase in the summer, you still need to properly hydrate your skin. Excess oil on the skin is often caused by dehydration. Those with oily skin or a spike in summer oil production should use a lightweight moisturizer that refreshes and hydrates without adding shine.

"Staying hydrated is key because, even though it sounds counterintuitive, dehydration in the skin will actually cause even more oil production." –Rita Holland, Licensed Esthetician, Marguerite's Skin Care & Makeup

Beyond Hydration is one of the best moisturizer for hot weather and for oily skin. It's light and refreshing and will help balance the water to oil ratio to keep skin comfortably hydrated and shine-free. Remineralist Daily Moisture is also a phenomenal pollution-neutralizing, lightweight option that increases skin's moisture content up to 70%* in just 15 minutes.

3) Acne spot treatment

Due to a spike in summer oil production combined with hot weather skin problems, like chlorine and sweat, acne can be a big issue in the summer. Add a professional grade, 5% benzoyl peroxide acne spot treatment to your warm weather skin care arsenal to clear away unwanted summer breakouts.

Toss Breakout Control in your bag to clear any acne pimples that pop up and prevent new breakouts.

4) Oil blotting creme

One of our best hot weather skin care tips is to keep an oil blotting creme like Oil Control Mattifier with you. This lightweight m