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Hormonal Breakouts: How To Treat Hormonal Acne Now


You can go weeks, months, or even years without seeing a breakout, but when your hormones are triggered, hormonal breakouts almost always follow. Your hormones can fluctuate for many different reasons, like pregnancy, hormone imbalances or disorders, menopause, or even just your monthly cycle. Not sure hormones are the cause of your acne? Look for these symptoms:

1) When do your breakouts occur? If your breakouts flare up at the same time every month, then it's likely tied to your monthly cycle. If they pop up only when you're stressed, it could just be stress acne (which is tied very closely with hormonal breakouts). If you've noticed more breakouts occurring and you're pregnant or going through menopause, then those are hormonal breakouts as well.

2) Where on your face do you breakout? When acne is located along your jaw, beneath your cheeks, and/or around your mouth, that usually signifies hormonal breakouts.

3) What do the breakouts look like? Hormonal breakouts may be deep, cystic and painful. You might feel pressure or pain even when you're not touching them. However, even if your pimples are not deep or cystic, hormones could still be to blame. The easiest way to tell if you're experiencing hormonal breakouts is to pay attention to when the breakouts occur.

The Best Treatment for Hormonal Acne Thankfully there are a few ways to treat hormonal breakouts. The best treatment for hormonal acne is to use the best skin care products with the right ingredients, and to plan ahead if you can predict your hormonal changes.

PLAN AHEAD: For example, if you breakout in a specific place at the same time each month, start using a spot treatment, like Bioelements Breakout Control, in that area a few nights before you usually breakout. This will help prevent hormonal breakouts before they're visible as they form deep under the skin.

SWITCH UP YOUR SKIN CARE: It's beneficial to switch to an acne cleanser, toner and a mask while dealing with hormonal acne. Bioelements Spotless Cleanser, Acne Toner, and Amino Mask will help. If you only have acne once a month, then use these products during that time and switch back your normal skin care routine based on your skin type during the rest of the month.

GET MONTHLY FACIALS: If you're still experiencing hormonal breakouts, you should schedule a professional facial for acne every month, or speak to your doctor about other options.

Don't think hormones are to blame for your breakouts? Read about other causes and solutions for adult acne here. If you still have questions about hormonal breakouts, ask us in the comment section below.

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