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The #1 anti-aging serum: One product, countless benefits

Age Activist Clinical Youth Serumis a powerful anti-aging serum that targets your biggest skin concerns and delivers visible results quickly, and over the long term. Keep reading to see how it changes your skin immediately and how your skin will continue to benefit over time.

Short term benefits

Immediate results from this favorite anti-aging serum include soft, smooth, more hydrated skin. In fact, after just one use 93% of people say skin felt soft, smooth and hydrated – plus, it absorbed quickly (1). More short term benefits include:

1) Smoother skin

Rough skin texture often goes hand-in-hand with a dull, aged complexion, but Age Activist Clinical Youth Serum instantly smoothes the skin. 67% of study participants felt smoother skin after 30 minutes (2). 57% of people can even feel the tensing effect of this formula's peptide blend as it smoothes skin (2). Don't worry if you can't feel it though – the formula is still hard at work!

2) Brightening

We've taken pumpkin fruit enzyme and fermented it to increase its bioactivity. This allows Age Activist Clinical Youth Serum to rapidly remove dead skin build up and make it comparable to glycolic acid while remaining extremely gentle on the skin. Not only does this immediately brighten the skin, but it allows for better absorption of active ingredients. Clinical testing shows capability of increasing cell renewal by 25% – helping lift discoloration and giving the skin a youthful glow (3).

3) Added hydration

Want to instantly hydrate your skin? Watermelon rind, lentil fruit and apple extracts help this formula provide 24 hours of skin hydration while fermented pumpkin provides intense moisturizing benefits.

4) Improved fine lines

While you'll see more results long term, even fine lines immediately start to melt away. The peptide blend used in the formula is shown to visibly reduce fine lines appearance after just 5 minutes (2). The watermelon rind, lentil fruit and apple extract significantly reduce fine lines after just 2 hours (3).

Long term benefits

With long term use , skin will look younger, with improved lines and wrinkles, firmness, hydration and improved pore appearance. After 14 days 86% of people say it diminishes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles; dull lackluster skin while providing a youthful glow (1).

1) Long term hydration

Not only does Age Activist Clinical Youth Serum immediately help hydrate the skin, but it also reduces dryness and flakiness son the skin by over 60% after 10 days (2). Over time, this anti-aging serum increases the skin's Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) elements, reduces fine lines and increases membrane fluidity.

2) Improved firmness

Collagen breaks down as we age, leading to sagging skin and other age signs. The peptides in this formula specifically target youth collagen (collagen type III) for firmer, more elastic skin. They also increase the formation of undamaged, stable homogenous collagens for smooth, plump skin (4). Powerful antioxidant, Vitamin E + Coenzyme Q10 prevent collagen degradation over time to make skin look and feel firmer.

3) Smaller pore appearance