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The Skin Detox Solution for Pollution + Urban Dust

Dirty air is a crisis.

90% of the world lives in air that’s pollution. But in the US, half the population are at an increased health risk of air pollution. In 2017 + 2018, there were 15% more days with unhealthy air in America than there were from 2013‐2016. In fact, in 2017 + 2018, there were 140 times when the US air pollution reached a very unhealthy and hazardous air quality index.

And did you know that air pollution levels can vary up to 8x within just one block?

Our environment is excessively polluted, which has a great impact on human health and our skin. Pollution is shown to cause an inflammatory cascade on the skin, resulting in environmentally stressed skin and premature aging. You’ll see this cellular intoxication identify as environmental stress, pigmented spots, excess oil, sensitivity, dehydration, breakouts and aging skin - all which are the result of urban dust.

What is Urban Dust?

Urban Dust is atmospheric particulate matter collected in an urban area from pollution, including:

  • exhaust from cars, trucks, buses, off-road vehicles, construction equipment, snowmobiles, locomotives exhausts

  • fuel burning of wood, heating oil or coal for power generation and domestic heating

  • natural forest and grass fires, wildfires or volcanic eruptions - which can travel by air across the globe, affecting areas thousands of miles away

When we use the term “urban” we are referring to any modern, industrialized area – that’s cities, suburbs, small towns… any place where there are cars, roads, buildings, industry, farms, etc.

Since the skin is constantly exposed to external factors such as pollutants, the development of new pollution protection skin care products that protect and detox the skin is needed.

That’s why we created Urban Undo Cleanser.

Urban Undo Cleanser

Urban Undo Cleanser is a deep‐purging facial cleanser that works to undo the daily damage caused by skin‐suffocating pollution, sebum + makeup.

  • Binds to, vacuums up + cleanses away cellular intoxicators

  • Inhibits the damage induced by urban dust – which is the atmospheric particulate matter in air pollution, which settles on the skin, and accelerates age signs

  • Refreshes skin, improves texture + pore appearance leaving skin looking healthy + bright

We conducted efficacy testing on Urban Undo Cleanser and have chosen ingredients that have anti‐pollution benefits. Studied in-vitro, keratinocytes were treated with urban dust to mimic the effects of pollution on the skin. The urban dust induced a decrease in cell viability and an increase of IL-8, a pro-inflammatory cytokine.

Under this study, Urban Undo Cleanser was shown to have a significant effect on the damage induced by urban dust. This is why it is different than any other anti‐pollution formula on the market and in the Bioelements line of cleansers.

Many brands are jumping on the anti-pollution cause, but they are simply re‐branding their antioxidant formulas in the name of pollution. Antioxidants are beneficial to the skin as they fight free radicals, but that’s not enough. You deserve a real, innovative formula with new ingredients proven to fight oxidative stress, trap toxins and eliminate urban dust – and Urban Undo Cleanser is the ultimate pollution protection skin care.

Key Ingredients + Benefits

malachite extract a copper-rich pollution magnet + heavy metal scavenger; significantly inhibits the damage induced by urban dust*; helps neutralize everyday skin-aging oxidative stress; gives formula its n